Friday, 18 June 2021
09.00-11.00 WIB/GMT+7

Successful design has always involved considering the use or the function of the space. What’s the purpose? How will people engage within it? As technology plays a part in every moment of our lives, the fusion of design and technology has become more critical than ever. By incorporating emerging technologies, designers are able to create more interactive, engaging environments that are easily -adaptable to our basic human needs. Our group of experts from the technology and design sector comes together to discuss this seamless merger and how they build exceptional human-centric spaces.

Join our online discussion with our inspiring speakers:

  • Matthew Deayton (Deputy CEO Vega Technology)
  • Stephen Shaw (Principal AedasInterior)
  • Heather Li (Director, Digital Workplace Vega Technology)
  • Melvin Hapito (Country Manager Indonesia Vega Technology)

and this Webinar will be moderated by Naila Djatnika, HDII (HDII DKI Jakarta)

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Last modified: June 8, 2021