17 June 2021
09.00-10.00 WIB/GMT+7

Eddy will explain the journey of American hardwood timbers from their source in the US hardwood forests to Indonesia. His talk will include a virtual tour of one of Indonesia’s top manufacturers and will demonstrate how to choose species that are most suitable for a particular application.

And why American timber species are a good choice given their quality, sustainability and variety and how selecting the right timber can minimise production inputs and wastage.

Join our online discussion with our inspiring speaker ::

  • Eddy Budiono (CEO and Owner of PT. Abadi Indorona)
  • Facilitator : Arief Odon (Editor in Chief of Woodmag)

This Webinar will be moderated by Fitorio Bowo Leksono (Secretary General of ADPI)

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Last modified: June 8, 2021